Dimensioners that make your warehouse super fast and smart

Boost velocity. Improve efficiency. Make a profit.

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Revolutionize your logistics

Our dimensioners process packages at lightning speed, reducing handling time and increasing throughput in your warehouse.

Experience unmatched accuracy in measurements, ensuring every package is well dimensioned, reducing errors and saving costs.

Our dimensioners seamlessly fit into your current setup, enhancing efficiency without the need for extensive overhauls.

Rest assured with our government-standard compliant and NTEP approved dimensioners, guaranteeing you get the best in class technology.

Transform your warehouse with our state-of-the-art dimensioners, leading to smarter, faster, and more efficient operations.

New Wilkins Series

Our Wilkins dimensioners have had a significant impact on the logistics industry by helping companies improve their warehouse operations and increase efficiency. Some of the most notable achievements include:

Wilkins Parcel Dimensioner

Wilkins Parcel Dimensioner

Dimension small and medium sized packages. 

Versatile and convenient setup.

Process up to 300 packages / hour.

Wilkins Pallet Dimensioner

Dimension medium to over-sized packages / pallets 

Easily integrated with most other software. 

Process up to 250 pallets / hour.

Wilkins Pallet Dimensioner
Wilkins Move Dimensioner

Wilkins Move Dimensioner

Dimension small and medium sized packages.

Fully automate your warehouse.

Process 1000s of packages / hour.

Our solutions live in the Sizelabs Cloud

Experience the power of seamless data access and connectivity with all our solutions integrated into the Sizelabs Cloud. Our cloud enables you to access crucial information from any device, no matter where you are, ensuring that you always stay in control of your operations.

The team at Sizelabs was fully committed to our success from the moment we began discussing our goals and present circumstances. They don’t sit on the bench; they get on the field and play the game with you. Digital transformation was a the path we took for our 18 warehouses, and ROI is affirming our success.

Brooklyn Simmons - CEO

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