Large scale dimensioning

Wilkins Pallet Dimensioner

Provides these accuratemeasurements, ensuring that businesses pay or charge the correct ratebased on the actual dimensional weight of the shipment. Go big and tackle any oversized package.


Objects in pallets per hour

2.5 s

Average time to processes an object

Quick and easy operations if you need to go through many packages Wilkins move might be right for you. Adaptable to any conveyor belt system that currently exists in your warehouse. We will even help you set it up!

This Wilkins can measure the biggest objects! With Wilkins XL objects up to 100 inches, providing real-time measurements for a seamless integration with your automated systems. Processes up to 200 objects in pallets per hour.

Improve the processing time of your packages in the blink of an eye, Wilkins Move manages the innovative suite of Microsoft Kinect cameras for precise IR and RGB imaging.

Our cutting-edge technology is specifically designed to enhance warehouse operations and streamline logistics processes, empowering businesses to achieve greater efficiency and productivity in their daily operations.

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