Parcel Dimensioner

Parcel Dimensioner

Small to medium dimensioning

Wilkins Parcel Dimensioner

Contributing to better customer satisfaction, meeting the high expectationsconsumers have for quick and accurate deliveries in the e-commerce era. 1, 2, 3, snap! Wilkins is designed to help you, this version is ideal for standard packages and small to medium sized items.


Parcels per hour

2.5 s

Average time to processes a parcel

Get quality measurements as Wilkins manages an innovative set of Microsoft Kinect cameras to obtain accurate IR and RGB images for reading your packages.

Make hard-to-believe measurements, Wilkins is ideal for helping you measure the smallest of packages. 

We adapt to any space, our dimensioner is great for tight spaces.

Our cutting-edge technology is specifically designed to enhance warehouse operations and streamline logistics processes, empowering businesses to achieve greater efficiency and productivity in their daily operations.

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