Unlocking the Past and Future of Warehouse Dimensioners: Generations of Innovation

Get ready for a captivating journey through time as we unravel the intriguing history of warehouse dimensioners, a pivotal technology reshaping the world of warehousing. Whether you’re a warehouse owner or supervisor looking to optimize your processes, this story is bound to offer valuable insights.

warehouse dimensioners

The Role of Automated Dimensioning and Weighing

Carriers and forwarders rely on accurate package and shipment size and weight data provided by shippers. Warehouse managers meticulously plan storage based on this information. However, discrepancies in actual size and weight can wreak havoc. Carriers lose revenue, and shippers face higher costs when inaccuracies occur. 


Gone are the days when carriers and warehouses could afford time-consuming spot checks of package size and weight. The challenge was to devise a swift, precise, and efficient system that seamlessly integrates into workflow – and that’s precisely what these systems accomplish. Check out the evolution of dimensioners by generation:


1st Gen: Birth in '85 (Ultrasonic & Infrared)

Our expedition begins in 1985 with the emergence of 1st Gen dimensioners. These pioneers relied on ultrasonic or infrared technology for measurements. Back then, they were groundbreaking, but they grappled with irregularly shaped objects, posing a challenge for precision.


2nd Gen: Laser Precision (Accuracy at a Price)

The torch was then passed to the 2nd Gen dimensioners, introducing laser-based technology. These devices earned accolades for their remarkable accuracy. However, they came with a hefty price tag and required objects to be in motion for measurement. Deploying them was no walk in the park, and black objects posed a unique challenge. 

3rd Gen: Embracing 3D Cameras (Affordability & Flexibility)

The evolution pressed on, leading us to the 3rd Gen dimensioners. These trailblazers embraced 3D camera-based technology, offering enhanced affordability and flexibility. They catered to a broader audience, although they couldn’t quite match the precision of their laser-based predecessors. 

4th Gen: The AI Revolution (Accurate, Fast, & Cost-effective)

Fast-forward to today, where we find ourselves amidst the 4th Gen AI-powered 3D Camera Dimensioners. These cutting-edge devices redefine accuracy, delivering lightning-fast measurements while remaining easy to deploy and cost-effective. They’re the future of dimensioning technology, and they’re here to revolutionize your warehouse.

Why Does It Matter?

In the realm of shipping and warehousing, precise package measurement is the linchpin of success. It’s not just about being accurate; it’s about saving time and money. The right dimensioning system is your key to streamlined operations, cost reduction, and heightened efficiency.

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